Since its foundation in (1990), Elmergib University has been one of the most important Libyan universities in creating opportunities for excellence and distinction. Its main aim to employ all means and mechanisms in serving the nation and achieving development. Elmergib University believes that scientific research is the main pillar for achieving progress and development. It also believes that scientific and applied efforts should be directed towards modernisation and development. The university’s positive impact is always recognised outside its campuses reaching to its surrounding community’s issues, problems, challenges and development needs. These aims are achieved through modern technology knowledge implementing modern means of communication.

Currently, Elmergib university seeks to develop its basic structure, academic and research programs in all its faculties that are located in Al-Khums, Masslata, Qasr Al-Khayyar, Al-Qara Bolli and Souk Al-Khamis. It also seeks to develop its administrative procedures as an integrated system that includes teaching staff members and employees. Those staff bear upon their responsibility to draw the features of the future as a beacon of knowledge and to radiate bright ideas, creativity and distinction. The university compels with international standards in terms of quality and excellence in all social and economic activities. This reflects the university’s effective participation in development and progress in all academic programs.

Elmergib university enjoys a prestigious position, a high reputation in terms of academic research and administrative procedures. It provides a suitable environment for students and academics aiming to encourage creativity, excellence and innovation. It has made clear achievements in the field of education and left a clear imprint in university education. It has contributed in organisation of many conferences, seminars and workshops that address many community problems and develops optimal solutions for them.

We are all required to do our utmost efforts and mobilise all our energies to support our university particularly during the current circumstances that our dear country is going through. All loyal university members are asked to support and preserve this distinguished and wonderful institution

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